Au Fil des Mots

Writing workshop

This experience invites the spectator to write a letter under constraint using a Remington Portable No. 3 1930s typewriter. The latter is modified to accommodate an electronic board and several sensors that register each key requested. As the device is connected to a computer and a video projector, word start proposals or complete words are thus projected directly onto the sheet of the spectator's letter, who must construct his story by integrating these constraints. The information projected on the sheet, updated each time a key is pressed, adapts to the movements of the machine carriage.

Au Fil des Mots, via the metaphor of travel - the spectator writing a letter on board a train whose destination he is free to define, each inscribed character bringing him closer to the end of his journey - explores the process of literary creation, drawing inspiration from the work of the Oulipo and the correspondence of Neal Cassady (Beat Generation). In the digital age, when being able to delete a text in a word processing software or in an email has become so obvious that it is a practice totally integrated into writing habits, Au Fil des Mots questions the notion of trace with this typewriter where each character is both printed on a tangible sheet, but also recorded in the software.

At the end of the experience, the spectator is free to leave with the letter he or she wrote. After each event, an A5 format notebook is also printed. The latter includes copies identical to the letters written by the spectators, with all the errors they may contain, whether spelling mistakes, typing errors or those due to typewriter manipulation.

Au Fil des Mots has been exhibited to the following events in 2018:

- Workshop at IEM La Marrière (Nantes, France)

Au Fil des Mots has been exhibited to the following events in 2017:

- Show&Tell IndieCade Europe (Paris, France)

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