Audio setup (in collaboration with Bof Guys)

Gamma is an experimental sound installation inspired by the laser harp. It is a musical instrument that can be played using Leap Motion technology. 

It consists of placing one or two hands in an immaterial detection zone, and depending on their location and movements, certain notes are played, causing rays of light to move on the large colored wires stretched in front of the player.

Aesthetically, the installation is rather sober but imposing, with long colored threads evoking strings, light lines symbolizing the action of the player's hands, large speakers on each side of the instrument, and a table on which the Leap Motion is placed.

Intended to be deployed in the dark, Gamma proposes a different use of the musical instrument, with an interaction that is not directly physical and a groping search for the instrument's notes. 

The sounds produced are in themselves strange and hypnotic, while the absence of a definite purpose and instructions pushes the player to experiment in an ethereal atmosphere.

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